Light Installation

Disappearing into colour!

A new series of light installations is set to open soon in a Tokyo digital art museum. The digital exhibit has been created by a Japanese collective called teamLab and combines experiential effects of sound and projections in a light-filled environment literally bursting with colour. Illusions of water combined with movement promise the chance to… Continue reading Disappearing into colour!

light therapy, Red light

Allergies? Try (red) light therapy

If you or family members suffer from seasonal allergies due to pollen, grasses and other allergens, you'll know how much discomfort they cause. Over the counter medications such as anti-histamines are the usual treatment, but red light is an alternative. The science is that specific wavelengths illuminating the inside of the nose (the nasal cavity) can penetrate… Continue reading Allergies? Try (red) light therapy

Installation, Light Festival

‘Northern Lights’ in my (Australian) city

Just last month, the city of Adelaide held its Festival and a highlight for me was the Parade of Lights which illuminated the historic buildings along North Terrace. But one installation shone more brilliantly within this colourful and light-filled setting ... a representation of the Northern Lights. Dan Acher's Borealis was projected outside the State Library with a… Continue reading ‘Northern Lights’ in my (Australian) city

Circadian clock

Healthy circadian habits Excerpted from TEDx: Every organ and even every cell in our body has circadian or 24 h clock. Circadian clocks turn on and off thousands of genes at the right time of the day or night. These rhythms work together to maintain healthy balance of brain chemicals, hormones, and nutrients. When our rhythms break… Continue reading Healthy circadian habits