As the year ends, is there anything you need to let go of? Let the end of 2015 be a ‘point of no return’ for things we want to give up. Let’s leave behind what doesn’t serve us, or add to our sense of self and true purpose. What is an issue for you? Negativity or negative self-talk? If this is holding you back then leave it behind with this advice on ‘Negative Self-Talk’.

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Negative people, perhaps? If you can’t leave them behind, how can their negative influence be diminished. Do YOU have to give them so much power? You CAN control how you respond and by controlling your reaction, leave negative effects behind.

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Think of what you have learned in 2015. Use this knowledge of the past to inform the future. We can learn from our mistakes – whatever they may be – and move on. Leave mistakes behind, forgive OURSELVES (as well as others!) and just try to do things ‘better’ next time/next week/next year 🙂

What tools can help us to ‘let go’ or leave things behind? Practices that move energy such as using Yoga or Tai Chi can help us to move on from bad habits to make way for a new improved version of ourselvesare.

Do you feel that things are ‘out of whack’? Perhaps, chakras need re-balancing. Or are there health issues to work on? (I think we can all improve something here). And understanding how health depends on our connection to nature and our natural environment through the senses creates a positive approach to well-being. Maybe introducing more colour into our lives would be beneficial?

Let’s make a start in small ways (or bigger ones!) to bring positivity and energy – as a promise of a NEW YOU for the NEW YEAR! What are your plans to have a new energy for the New Year?

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