Are you someone who always makes resolutions for the New Year. And always breaks them? Not me. I gave up the pretence that I’d ever stick to my goals, resolutions, self-revolutions or whatever. And knowing myself in this way, has given me some peace and a feeling of quiet self-acceptance as New Year after New Year has rolled by.

But maybe you have more resolve and determination than I do. (Well done, you!!) And each year that has passed has seen you grow as a person, as the list of resolution-ary ‘to dos’ has been ticked off. Lose weight? Check. Start and stick to an exercise regime? Check. Eat a healthy diet? Check. Etc. Etc. WOW!! You must be perfect by  now!!

But seriously, I don’t know anyone who can keep ALL the promises they make to themselves – at the start of a New Year as a ‘resolution’, or at other times, as a ‘goal’. We can ALL do better, do more, I’m sure.

NOTE: In case there are any of you out there, who ARE perfect – because I do know there are some pretty near-perfect and high-achieving individuals out there – then I stand corrected.

My wish for 2016 is simple.

  • To appreciate what I already have
  • To build on the past to create a better future
  • To take action in small things (while hoping they impact greater ones)
  • To be brave in the future where I have not in the past

And yes, I know this is a simplistic vision, but life can be as simple or complex as we make it. Bringing things ‘back to basics’ is my preferred approach to most things, especially as I get older. And simply being an improved version of ME is my goal for the coming year. And the next …


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