(still) colour, light & energy

When this blog was created last year, it was intended to be be a place to share information and insights into the way colour, light and energy affect our lives. The focus was on health and well-being, and the various therapies using light and colour to enhance the mind-body-spirit connections. Here is the original version of its purpose.

While few posts have been written so far, the connection with health and (probably) happiness is still the main focus. But other topics such as creativity and things motivational are also calling out for attention!

Posting on Facebook here (Colour.Light.Energy ) has been much more active in the past year, with a wider  (but still related) range of interests. So, the question is – how to continue and what to include – in this ‘work-in-progress’?

Let’s make the New Year a new start and see where it ends up at year-end!



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