This week has been transitional – crossing time zones and hemispheres as I make my way home. Although, the idea of ‘home’ is no longer easy to define.

Is it where I currently reside? Which is not where I grew up or where I’m ‘from’.
Is it where I feel ‘AT home’. That is, comfortable in my surroundings. Which is a number of cities, towns and cultures since we have lived in several countries over the years.
Is it where family are? Yes, of course. So, this means that ‘home’ for me is now a number of destinations, with children and extended family scattered around the world.

So, a week ago I was in the wintery landscape of Europe. Snow boots and woolly hats. And, I enjoyed NOT suffering through the 38-40 degree heat back in Australia.
Note to self: I rather like coats and scarves and rugging up in cold weather. I enjoy the invigorating crisp air with lots of energy for long walks. (Do I need to move again??)

This was my view on a walk last week … in snow … and on a clear day.


And this is my view this week, of distant hills from our apartment in the city.


Later in the afternoon, a tropical garden – complete with tropical storm and downpour!


But having arrived at this transit point in Malaysia, the change in weather really affected me. The heat and humidity totally sapped my energy, and for a few days, I wasn’t able to do much at all. And before you can say “jet lag”, I don’t feel this was the reason. Read more about coping with jet lag here.

This lack of energy was in stark contrast to the vigour I had felt in the cold weather just a week earlier. And it made me think about what affects our energy levels: general health, of course, and daily diet. Stress and emotions play also their part, and the power of those we have relationships with. And now, the weather proved to be playing a significant role for me. A little time, (more than) a few miles and a different climate made such a difference to how I felt physically and my energy to just be. 

Clearly, just feeling ‘at home’ is not enough to balance ‘energy’. Like being ‘home’, it is also a complex thing and difficult to define.

What affects your energy levels the most?


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