… is not what it used to be. Long ago, that is. Long before our cities became flood-lit, neon-light hubs of brightness. The term ‘light pollution’ might be new to some, but there has been increasing media about this lately which you may have seen.

In fact, two items popped into my Facebook feed just today. The first is an article from the Montreal Gazette, outlining the issue and the connection between light at night and our health. Using Montreal city as an example, the article expresses concern in particular about the use of LEDs. Yes, they are energy-saving, but what are the health risks?

The other Facebook post was from Project SKYGLOW. This collaboration between Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan, aims to raise awareness of urban light pollution. But this video also reminds us of what we have lost in losing our connection to dark skies at night- and perhaps not even noticed.


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