For me, ‘feeling fine’ is relative. I’m pretty good most of the time – compared to how I have felt. And, because of past health problems, I want to feel as well as I can for as long as I can.

But ‘feeling fine’ is also aspirational. I want to be so fine that I’m glowing with good health and gloriously able to do all I want in my life! ‘Fine in the upper-case sense, where FINE = “Fantastic! Thanks for asking!!”

How we feel, of course, is really an individual thing. It not only relates to our health, but also our mood or attitude, our life situation or circumstances. And our relationships and connections with other people.

A project by Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris called We Feel Fine analysed data from blogs all around the world by scanning new blog posts as they were published for the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling”. Here is the link:

 So … “How are you feeling?” … Really 😉

Now, if you’re not happy with this default emotional setting, why not do something about it?

With colour, you can add some brightness with a change of hue …

With light, take in some sunshine (which has all the colours of the rainbow!) by getting out of your artificially-lit space and into some natural light!

With energy, well, take your pick. Try Tai Chi, Qi Gong to get your energy flowing. Yoga might do the trick for balancing or rebalancing energy. Or simply take off your shoes and walk on the grass or sand to take in the Earth’s abundant energy.

Simple things that you can do, make a difference in small yet significant ways.

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