My journey toward things ‘energy-related’ has ebbed and flowed over the years. Numerous encounters with Qigong, for example, in various places and with a variety of practitioners, has seen me toy with its concepts without committing to its practice. Experiencing the movements – the physical and ‘energetic’ – has always resonated with me. I feel at one with the sequences in the exercises and the serenity of the process.

I have always wanted to do more but never did … until the next encounter at another time, in another setting. Many years ago, when living in Penang, Malaysia, I joined a class under the instruction of a pedantic Chinese gentleman. His inability to communicate in any language other than Hokkien, and his insistence on extreme precision in the exercises, (even for beginners!) meant that I progressed little and gave up quickly. My first attempt to learn Qigong was a failure.

Later, I acquired DVDs to ‘self-instruct’ which did not prove motivating in a real way. Another failure. Years passed and then, connections with friends in Europe encouraged me to look again at Qigong – this time because of their mastery of Zhineng Qigong. An old friend from school days had trained in Europe and China, and a newer friend has done the same. Both are inspirational in their dedication and expertise.

These repeated opportunities to engage with qi or energy through Qigong has made me pay attention to the idea that this was something I should be doing.


So today, I signed up for an online course in Qigong. A basic course, of course. But, it’s a start. Yes, I know – another one! It is also a commitment from myself … to myself. Let the intention be that this is not another false start; that my connection to my inner energy finds its purpose. Whatever that may be.



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