Why ‘’?

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It took a little while to decide on the title for this blog. The name needed to include all key elements so that its purpose would be obvious right away, and the content really clear. Specifically, how to make connections between the influence of colour and light and energy in our lives. And also, the implications for our quality of life, and how each can enhance our wellbeing.

Light and colour have always been significant, with psychological and emotional influences well-known. They were used in ancient cultures such as Egypt and Greece as part of their healing traditions. Connections between energy and health are also seen in Chinese traditional medicine (qi) and in Ayurvedic medicine through balancing of the body’s energy system (chakras). More recently, energy medicine is a field gaining in recognition. Modern science now aims to explain how light, colour and energy work as they do, and is also seeking to evaluate their effects on mind and body.

So, Colour.Light.Energy it is. Making connections with colour and light and energy to enhance aspects of health and wellbeing. Hoping to connect with like-minded folk along the way. Let’s take this journey of discovery together, and choose a more vibrant life!

2 thoughts on “Why ‘’?”

  1. It is very rewarding to see the Beauty of Color Light and the health and energy aspects promoted. Our SensoSphere certainly contributes to your efforts and I look forward to continued participation in all your efforts. Tom Demyk


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