If red is your favourite colour, then you have something in common with a lot of other people because red is one of the top two favourite colours. (The other one is blue).


Do you love red? Then maybe you also love action; lots of  physical activity; and you love to live life to the full. Red is strong and basic. There’s little subtlety in this colour choice. Wearing red is a statement – it’s a colour of energy and power, it works well for jobs highlighting leadership and enthusiasm. On the other hand, red is a colour of passion and danger, so wear it with caution!

 Interesting fact: intense natural red dyes come from crushed cochineal bugs.

If this doesn’t sound appealing, then consider that the alternative is a synthetic and possibly carcinogenic petrochemical by-product. Hmmm.


Red is certainly a bold and powerful colour, guaranteed to capture our attention. In our perception, red is the most vibrant of all colours. Although not strictly the most visible, it does have the longest wave length and the eye sees it as appearing nearer and so it grabs our attention first. Does this explain why red is SO captivating? And why it’s used in traffic lights and stop signs all over the world.

But what if red isn’t your favourite and you’re not drawn to things red-and-rosy, maybe you still need it in your life. Colour psychology tells us that adding red can:

    • increase enthusiasm and interest

    • give more energy

    • inspire action and confidence

Red is … vibrant and vital, stimulating and lively  … You may have heard the expression “paint the town red!”. Why not put some red in your life?


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