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I’m off again on an overseas trip, and that means two flights and a number of time zones to cross. Of course, this can cause problems on arrival at our destination, when normal night and day schedules are thrown out of sync. Sometimes, it can take several days to adjust and of course, this is known as jet lag. And it’s not fun. A previous blog post deals with this.

There are many suggestions as to how to deal with jet lag, including avoiding caffeine and alcohol while travelling and adjusting sleep patterns to your destination time. But I use bright light – specifically blue light, so one item I make sure is packed in carry-on luggage is my light therapy device. It’s not really a pen; more of a small torch which can scan through a range of colours. It has proven so useful on many occasions and helps with the transition to a different time-zone. This Swiss device is what I use to revive flagging energy and even re-adjust my body clock. Want to avoid jet-lag, anyone?


Molimed Color Scan


Crystal tips enhance treatment

As well as general application – I use blue over the eyes – colour can be applied on acupuncture or acupressure points. For instance, using red on the palms helps to energise a long-distance traveller.

Here is how it works as explained in an article in The Scientific American.

” … seeking and avoiding light at the right times can reduce jet lag. To seek light, expose yourself to bright and continuous light by going out in sunlight or using a commercially-available portable light box. To avoid light, stay indoors away from sunlight, or wear dark sunglasses.”

If you want to find out more, the following research articles give the science involved:

  1. Study finds possible new jet-lag treatment: Exposure to flashing light
  2. What’s in a Color? The Unique Human Health Effects of Blue Light

“I really love that current scientific research supports what works for me!”

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