Welcome to Colour.Light.Energy


Update 2020/21
Travelling between home and destination last year, the world paused and my life is now indefinitely ‘in-transit’. I’ve been using colour and light therapies, as well as energetic practices, to help stay balanced and in (mostly) good spirits since then. 
I started this blog to save ideas and interests but it’s become somewhere to share what I’ve experienced and learnt in the world of vibrational therapies and wellness. I hope it will be a space to share what I do, what I use … and the possibilities of colour, light and energy to enhance health and well-being.  

 What is colour.light.energy about?

Sharing – experiences using colour, light, energy practices
Connecting – with information from practitioners and therapists
Encouraging – exploration of tools, treatments and therapies


“Join me in exploring colour, light & energy for a more vibrant life!”