…  Colour.Light.Energy. It took time to decide on the title for this blog. The name had to include key elements so that its purpose would be clear right away … how to connect with colour and light and energy in our everyday lives.

We connect with colour on conscious and unconscious levels every day. But what about the psychology of colour? 

Light  and lighting ) are often taken for granted. But how do they affect us, and what is the impact on health?

The Chinese call energy qi (chi) – the ‘life force’. In Japan, it’s ‘ki’. Around the world, energy medicine is being increasingly researched and used.

Light and colour have always been important and were used in ancient cultures such as Egypt and Greece as part of their healing traditions. Connections between energy and health are seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Ayurvedic medicine through balancing of the body’s energy system (chakras). Science is now looking to explain how light, colour and energy work as they do. Researchers are trying to evaluate the effects on mind and body, the psychological and emotional influences and also physical effects.

So, Colour.Light.Energy it is.

Let’s explore ways that colour, light and energy can positively affect our health and well being … look into the science and current research … find out about their connection to healing mind, body and spirit.

Welcome to colour.light.energy and a more vibrant life!