Welcome to Colour.Light.Energy

My first experience with light and colour as therapy was in 2005 in my workplace at the time. In the shared office space, someone asked me a question. I said something like – “Don’t ask me anything. I can’t think. My brain is fuzzy”. A teaching colleague asked permission to use a light torch to give me a treatment. She explained it briefly then applied several colours of light to my head and body.

This turned out to be a harmonising treatment to balance the right and left side of the brain. I recall that the effect was quite immediate. I felt more clear-headed and the ‘fuzziness’ disappeared. Since that experience, I have been interested in exploring light and colour as a therapeutic modality. I did some training courses in light therapy, collected a lot of books on the subject, as well as a variety of devices, and generally explored the world of energy or vibrational medicine.

Along the way, I met some wonderful people – therapists, practitioners, lighting designers, inventors. These people are an important part of why I started the colour light energy blog: to share information about their work, and the value of colour, light and energy in supporting wellness and well-being. And hopefully, to inspire others a little as well.

Another part of my story is a period of ill health in my 30s. I developed a chronic illness requiring a lengthy period of hospitalisation and surgery. It is not an exaggeration to say that it was a life-saving but also a life-changing experience. It taught me to value my health, but also to understand that we have great power to influence our state of well-being through the choices we make.

Over the years, I’ve really only dabbled in light therapy. I have never practiced as a therapist, despite my training. My background is as a teacher and educator. But I’ve always kept a connection with the world of light and colour, doing volunteer work for related associations, and using light therapy when there was a specific personal need.

In 2020, though, things changed. As they did for everyone, everywhere. I found myself travelling in March 2020 when borders closed around the world. I stayed in my transit city and waited. It would be 18 months before I could continue my journey. This was a period of transformation for me. And I used colour, light and energetic practices to cope and, eventually, thrive.

So, the colour.light.energy blog has a new and brighter focus. I will share how I use various types of therapies and devices. And I will also introduce you to the therapists and other professionals that I know, who work with these modalities.

We all need more colour, light & energy
… for our own wellness journey
  … for our state of well-being
    And to live a more vibrant life.