Welcome to Colour.Light.Energy! 

I started this blog to save ideas and experiences about … well, colour, light & energy!  Since I’ve always loved colour – in art, in the natural environment especially plants and flowers – it has been a journey of following my instincts and interests. To enjoy and experience colour and light in all their forms, whether art in a gallery or light installation; to appreciate the roe of light to my health and wellbeing; and value the importance of energetic practices such as Qigong, yoga in my life.

I don’t work as a therapist or healer, but there are many who do.  But friendships and professional connections have lead me to so many experts and innovators, as well as the products and techniques they use.

My professional life has been in education and it’s a natural step to help others learn about the power of colour, light and energy practices. I’ve learned a lot about these vibrational therapies … so now, I want to share techniques, treatments and tools for health and healing that you can use, too!


What is colour.light.energy about?

  • Sharing – my experiences using colour, light, energy practices
  • Connecting – to experts and professionals in these fields
  • Encouraging – exploration of the tools, treatments and therapies

“Join me in exploring colour, light & energy for a more vibrant life!”

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I believe colour and light are very important in our lives. I like your blog. :)

  2. As a designer I am totally digging this concept! Looking forward to learning more!

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