Aurora over Uluru

There are some wonders of nature that we rarely get to see. This photographer was in the right place at the right time and captured a brief but brilliant appearance of Aurora Australis over Uluru.

Words from the photographer …

“So, the last few nights I have been going out and taking time lapses of the Milky Way. Last night I took a 30 second exposure at five second intervals for four hours. I noticed some red appearing in some of them but didn’t put much thought into it, I just thought it was strange because it had never shown up in photos I had taken from that spot in the past. It wasn’t until i reviewed the photos on my laptop that I noticed the light was moving in the same way the Aurora Borealis did when I lived in Northern Canada. It is nearly impossible to see the aurora from this latitude. It wasn’t until I checked the space weather report that I saw that the strongest geomagnetic storm of this 11 year solar cycle hit last night and I happened to be photographing it happening next to Uluru!! Check out the time lapse below of possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, the Aurora Australis next to the Milky Way and Uluru!”

~ Emma Blythman

Aurora Australis and Uluru time lapse