‘Northern Lights’ in my (Australian) city

The Northern Lights in Australia? Well, when the City of Adelaide held its annual Festival, a highlight for me was the Parade of Lights. This was a series of light installations which illuminated the historic buildings along North Terrace. One installation shone more brilliantly in this colourful setting … a representation of the Northern Lights.

Pure colour: light as therapy

If you’ve ever experienced colour light therapy, you’ll be aware of its subtle and sometimes, not-so-subtle, effects. The experience of  PURE colour is something else, and definitely something to try. The first time I experienced pure colour was via the Monocrom Dome created by Karl Ryberg, a Swedish architect and inventor. The Dome is placed above the

Feeling the ‘qi’

I’ve just finished my daily Qigong practice, something I’ve been doing for several months now … But regular practice has only developed since an unexpected and unfortunate health problem. Short story – I returned home from travels with a ‘tummy bug’. The usual 3 days of symptoms turned into 5 days, then off to hospital