Pure colour: light as therapy

If you’ve ever experienced colour light therapy, you’ll be aware of its subtle and sometimes, not-so-subtle, effects. The experience of  PURE colour is something else, and definitely something to try. My favourite colour light experiences … The first time I experienced pure colour was via the Monocrom Dome created by Karl Ryberg, a Swedish architect and inventor.

Are you colouring, too?

I always used to say that ‘colouring-in’ would be my occupation of choice. Actually, I still say it! The process of shading and colouring is such a meditative process. The product is beautifully satisfying. And sometimes beautiful. “Now WHY did I NOT become an artist??”http:// Anyway, the trend for colouring books grows. For grown-ups as

My Colour is Rainbow

My Colour is Rainbow

And other stories … I still remember learning ROYGBIV in primary school to learn the colours of the rainbow. Did you do that, too? Rainbows are certainly one of nature’s wonderful decorations. Magical. With so many children’s books on colour and rainbows, it’s worthwhile to highlight some special ones. Here is a delightful picture book