Here, there & back again

So, I’ve just notched up my fourth long-haul flight in the past 12 months. And since I live in southern Australia, ‘long-haul’ means pretty much going anywhere. 😉 But specifically, this year’s travel has meant one trip to the US, one to the UK, and two trips to central and eastern Europe. Which is all very

(still) colour, light & energy

When this blog was created last year, it was intended to be be a place to share information and insights into the way colour, light and energy affect our lives. The focus was on health and well-being, and the various therapies using light and colour to enhance the mind-body-spirit connections. Here is the original version of its purpose. While few posts have

Rainbow = ROYGBIV

I still remember learning ROYGBIV in primary school to learn the colours of the rainbow. Did you do the same? Here are lots more fun facts from NPR about ALL the colours of the RAINBOW. Maybe you already know some – but maybe not others!