Installation, Light Festival

‘Northern Lights’ in my (Australian) city

Just last month, the city of Adelaide held its Festival and a highlight for me was the Parade of Lights which illuminated the historic buildings along North Terrace. But one installation shone more brilliantly within this colourful and light-filled setting ... a representation of the Northern Lights. Dan Acher's Borealis was projected outside the State Library with a… Continue reading ‘Northern Lights’ in my (Australian) city

Light Festival

Light Festival: iMapp 2016 in Bucharest

A light festival is always a joy to attend anywhere in the world. But because we can't be everywhere, let's share some recent vision from iMapp Bucharest in the Romanian capital. First, an individual work by Filip Roca called 'Dislexia'. And a general overview of this spectacular event. Video by Andrei Solomon.