Light Installation

Disappearing into colour!

A new series of light installations is set to open soon in a Tokyo digital art museum. The digital exhibit has been created by a Japanese collective called teamLab and combines experiential effects of sound and projections in a light-filled environment literally bursting with colour. Illusions of water combined with movement promise the chance to… Continue reading Disappearing into colour!

Light Installation

The ‘Lucid’ Project

Mainly filmed in the arctic landscape of Iceland, this beautiful video entitled Lucid is the latest project by German artists Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor. The film creates "a surreal world based on simple geometric light shapes that seem misplaced, but somehow blend with its surrounding at the same time". Watch and enjoy the film here:

glass art, Light Installation

“Overwhelmed by light and colour …”

... is the headline from an article in the Canadian media. CBS news reported on the latest exhibition of glass art by Dale Chihuly on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The colourful and exuberant art features eleven impressive installations by this contemporary American glass artist. 'It's a show that gives you pleasure. It's pure… Continue reading “Overwhelmed by light and colour …”

Light Installation


... of light at night. But not ordinary city lights. These lights are from a collection of light art installations called Illuminations, and part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival this year. Buildings along the cultural and historic precinct on North Terrace have been lit up by a series of delightful artistic displays!    Here are some more… Continue reading Illuminations