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Allergies? Try (red) light therapy

If you or family members suffer from seasonal allergies due to pollen, grasses and other allergens, you'll know how much discomfort they cause. Over the counter medications such as anti-histamines are the usual treatment, but red light is an alternative. The science is that specific wavelengths illuminating the inside of the nose (the nasal cavity) can penetrate… Continue reading Allergies? Try (red) light therapy

light therapy, Seasonal affective disorder

Feeling blue? Maybe it’s SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder, that is.  With the winter season well and truly here - in the northern hemisphere - and shorter daylight hours, it can really affect our sleep, productivity and even state-of-mind. Do you sometimes have the winter-time blues? A recent post by my favourite 'celebrity medico', Dr. Andrew Weil explains how Light therapy may be… Continue reading Feeling blue? Maybe it’s SAD

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light therapy

The healing power of light – for migraine

Using colour and light to heal is not new, but science is now discovering how and why it works. Migraine is a condition which can be debilitating and traditional treatments don't always work for everyone. Research is being done on the impact of light in triggering migraine but also on the effects of various light… Continue reading The healing power of light – for migraine

light therapy

Pure colour: light as therapy

If you've ever experienced colour light therapy, you'll be aware of its subtle and sometimes, not-so-subtle, effects. The experience of  PURE colour is something else, and definitely something to try. The first time I experienced pure colour was via the Monocrom Dome created by Karl Ryberg, a Swedish architect and inventor. The Dome is placed above the… Continue reading Pure colour: light as therapy