Pure colour: light as therapy

If you’ve ever experienced colour light therapy, you’ll be aware of its subtle and sometimes, not-so-subtle, effects. The experience of  PURE colour is something else, and definitely something to try. The first time I experienced pure colour was via the Monocrom Dome created by Karl Ryberg, a Swedish architect and inventor. The Dome is placed above the

Feeling the energy

My journey toward things ‘energy-related’ has ebbed and flowed over the years. Numerous encounters with Qigong, for example, in various places and with a variety of practitioners, has seen me toy with its concepts without committing to its practice. Experiencing the movements – the physical and ‘energetic’ – has always resonated with me. I feel at

Home & Away

This week has been transitional – crossing time zones and hemispheres as I make my way home. Although, the idea of ‘home’ is no longer easy to define. Is it where I currently reside? Which is not where I grew up or where I’m ‘from’. Is it where I feel ‘AT home’. That is, comfortable in