Why ‘Colour.Light.Energy’?

Why this blog, this topic? 

The frequencies of colour, light and energy had been easing their way into my life, especially through friends who used light and colour therapy. Others who practiced qigong. Some who were aromatherapists, Reiki practitioners and sound therapists. I enrolled in a couple of courses myself (for Samassati Colour Light Therapy) and then became involved with the International Light Association. Along the way, I was learning about the power and influence of colour, light and energy on health, wellbeing and healing. And the positive impact they can have on my life!

Massimo Silenzio – Installation by Giancarlo Neri
Massimo Silenzio – Installation by Giancarlo Neri

So, the focus was always obvious, the content self-evident: how to make connections between the influences of colour and light in our lives.

Light and colour have always been significant, with well known psychological and emotional influences. They were used in ancient cultures such as Egypt and Greece as part of their healing traditions. Connections between energy and health are also seen in Chinese traditional medicine (qi) and in Ayurvedic medicine through balancing of the body’s energy system (chakras). More recently, energy medicine is gaining recognition. Modern science now aims to explain how light, colour and energy work as they do, and also to evaluate their effects on mind and body.

So, Colour.Light.Energy it is …  

Making connections with each to enhance health and wellbeing. Connecting with like-minded individuals.

Join me on the journey!

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