This worthy Indiegogo campaign is based in North America to assist Senior Citizens Health through Colour Light Therapy. It aims to give complementary relief from multiple ailments along with an ambient lighting effect. It is a truly beautiful and well-designed product based on science.

lqqomrjfignz2me2tmjkHere is a quote from the campaign page: “Our campaign is focused on Senior Citizens, and our desire to provide them some relief of suffering from various ailments, including but not limited to chronic stress, depression, sleeping disorders, and chronic pain. To that end, the funds will be used to build and provide SensoSphere color light therapy device at a very low price. This product is suitable for both commercial and individual use for all generations. It can also be used for all forms of meditation practice. ”

The Color Light Therapy in Sensosphere may be used as a support in numerous Mind and Body ailments related to stress, including :

  • Bringing back the feeling of serenity, positivity and wellness (decreasing the feeling of stress, anxiety or mental distress)
  • Helping with sleep difficulties
  • Support Recovery
  • Improving attention and ability to focus
  • Helping with pain release and management

More information can be found here in this Project for Senior Citizens Health. Of course, this device can benefit people of all ages. Continuing research is currently being done to produce case studies in ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression and addiction, among other conditions.

To find out about the powerful effects of light and the science behind it, Canadian physicist Anadi Martel and inventor of the SensoSphere explains in this video:

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