We all have our favourite colours. Mine is celadon green … or aqua blue … or rose pink … Well, I guess it all depends on my mood! 

But colour can also affect our mood. Why not choose colours to create a happy one?




  • Choose YELLOW

For many people this is the #1 happy colour. Its golden hue will bring sunshine into your life.

  • Choose PINK

It’s hard not to be happy wearing or being surrounded with any shade of pink. A rich pink is dramatic while still welcoming. A soft rose creates a soothing feeling.

  • Choose ORANGE

This bright colour always brings us to a happy place. A vibrant orange is  energising and its warm tone can warm your heart!

  • Choose BLUE

There are so many shades of blue, there must be one for you! Cerulean, cobalt, cornflower. Or the green-leaning tones of teal and turquoise and aqua.

  • Choose GREEN

Think green and you must think of nature. Imagine sunlight filtering through green leaves. Or reclining on lush green grass. That’s happiness, right?

For some more happiness inspiration, this article from The Huffington Post explores how colour can change your mood – in a good way!

"Orange is the happiest colour"


What’s YOUR ‘happy’ colour?

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    My favorite is green maybe that’s why I like being out in nature! 🙂

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