A light festival is always a joy to attend anywhere in the world. Being immersed in colour and light is a therapy in itself!

But because we can’t be everywhere, let’s share some vision from iMapp Bucharest in the Romanian capital. First, an individual work by Filip Roca called ‘Dislexia’.

I didn’t experience this in person, but my imagination will take care of that!

Here is a general overview of this spectacular event. Video by Andrei Solomon.

And here is the winner … Enjoy!

Interconnection is the winner of both Jury’s Choice Award and People’s Choice Award at iMapp 2016 – that is, the 2016 iMapp Bucharest international Video Mapping Competition, “one of the biggest 3D video-mapping shows in the world, an international competition that brings design and contemporary art directly on the facade of approximately 22,000 square meters of the [Romanian] Parliament Palace (click here to see what the Palace looks like in daylight before video mapping transformations). The project, by Limelight Projection Mapping, required the use of 104 video projectors.

Make sure to view it full screen!

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