The connection between light and health is not new. In fact, ancient cultures in China, Greece, India and Egypt all used colour and light in their traditional practices.

Today, there is increasing interest in complementary and alternative approaches to treat illness and disease; to promote health and wellbeing. We all want to live a healthy life, right? And colour and light therapies are part of this trend. There are a number of light devices on the market. (I’ll be exploring these in the blog). And there are a number of websites devoted to various light therapy – or chromotherapy – treatments.

My focus for this blog is on information based in science. Yes, ‘light as therapy’ is not yet mainstream. But serious research is being done, and this field has a ‘bright’ future (sorry!)

If you’d like to read more, the article, ‘A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution’, from The Journal of Evidence-based Complementary  and Alternative Medicine, gives a helpful and thorough account of chromotherapy throughout history.