This page is a collection of media reports from reliable sources mainly about light and colour and various connections to health and well-being. It will be updated soon – you can see a bit of a time gap going on!

Light exposure during sleep linked to insulin resistance – Science Daily 6/4/2018

Green Light for Migraines  – Reader’s Digest  7/20/2017

Researchers on Journey to Combat Jet Lag – 6/22/2017

Your light bulbs could be playing havoc with your health – The Conversation 10/18/2016

Changing street lighting to improve health – CNN 9/29/2016

AMA warnings on LED street lights and health – Washington Post 9/25/2016

News: Scientists teleport light particles – ABC Australia News 9/20/2016

Research: Light therapy and libido – Medical News Today 9/19/2016

Report on bright light, blue light and sleep interference – WSJ 9/13/2016

Why we need darkness – The Guardian 8/23/2016

How the right lighting can improve learning – Huffington Post 8/15/2016

Research: Blue light link to sleep patterns – Science Daily 8/15/2016

Research: Excessive light and muscle, bone health – NY Times 8/12/2016

Mood lighting in restaurants can affect your food intake – SBS news 6/1/2016

Light pollution and losing the night skies – New Atlantis Winter 2016

Research: UV Light to fight post-surgery infection – Medical News Today 6/9/2016

This study shows green light can relieve migraine pain – Medical Daily 5/22/2016