Do you need more colour in your life? Try Colour Meditation!

Colour meditation is something that can be done all by yourself without any special equipment or light devices. It might be used for personal healing, improving your mood or even to get more energy! Or just to relax.

Since different colours have different effects on the way you feel and think, meditating on specific colours can increase the impact. Visualisation can be really effective in helping you to relax because it allows your mind to focus on an image (in this case a colour) and let other thoughts fade away.

Colour meditation can include different techniques:

  • One technique involves sitting quietly, focusing on a single colour. You can use a coloured card, a painted wall or any item you have. 
  • Or you can use your mind – simply picture the colour you choose filling and surrounding your body. 
  • Consider the chakra system, with each of the seven chakras having a different colour, you can move through each one in your colour meditation technique.
  • You might use coloured silks or scarves to drape and immerse the body in various colours. Focus on visualising the colours.
  • It is really helpful to use a guided script which allows you to relax through visualising or imagining each colour of the rainbow. Here’s a wonderful example  …

A beautiful guide meditation on colour from the Australasian Light Association: Colour Meditation

Something else you can use … a simple video (Thanks to ZenDen) which takes us through the colour spectrum in 10 minutes. It may not be ideal sitting in front of a screen but if you have no other colour devices in your life, it’s an easy way to ‘DIY colour therapy’. ;)

Just set to full screen and meditate on all the colours of the rainbow – and more! Enjoy!

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