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I still remember learning ROYGBIV in primary school to learn the colours of the rainbow. Did you do that, too? Rainbows are certainly one of nature’s wonderful decorations. Magical.

With so many children’s books on colour and rainbows, it’s worthwhile to highlight some special ones. Here is a delightful picture book written by Agnes Hsu and illustrated most colourfully by Yuliya Gwilym.

My Colour is Rainbow

My Colour is Rainbow

Another fun one is …

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow 

And for our little littlies, this board book.

Rainbow – A Book of Colors

Rainbow - A Book of Colors

Finally, learn a bit about colours in this slide show from NPR, including some fun facts from about all the colours of the RAINBOW. Maybe you already know some – but not others!

This Is Color. A Weird little Lesson, In Rainbow Order

A brief collection of color facts.

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