‘Northern Lights’ in my Australian city

The Northern Lights in Australia? Well, when the City of Adelaide held its annual Festival, a highlight for me was the Parade of Lights. This was a series of light installations which illuminated the historic buildings along North Terrace.

One installation shone more brilliantly in this colourful setting … a representation of the Northern Lights.

Dan Acher’s Borealis was projected outside the State Library with a series of high-powered laser beams using light, water and air. The Swiss artist created colourful sky projections which shone beams of light onto particle clouds invisible to the naked eye. The light show always changes, depending on the weather, so it really simulates the famous lights of the northern hemisphere.

Because the lights are constantly changing, it was easy to be captivated,  even spellbound by the effect. However, I did manage to snap some photos of this luminous display.