If you’ve ever experienced colour light therapy, you’ll be aware of its subtle and sometimes, not-so-subtle, effects. The experience of  PURE colour is something else, and definitely something to try.

The first time I experienced pure colour was via the Monocrom Dome created by Karl Ryberg, a Swedish architect and inventor. The Dome is placed above the head and controlled by the user, unlike many other devices which rely on a therapist or practitioner to deliver the coloured light. You can choose whichever colour you feel drawn to and stay with it as long as you like, before moving to another colour. There is also a Light Mask.


Light Dome


Light Mask

To me, the colour was the most intense I could ever image. Colour so rich and dense it was almost tangible. So real you could sense it and almost touch it. It was my first experience of light as therapy and one which left me wanting to find out more about the therapeutic effects of colour and light.

A newer device – and one that I’ve also had the chance to use and ‘play with’, is the SensoSphere which also delivers pure monochromatic colour.

The SensoSphere is the latest creation of Canadian physicist, Anadi Martel. This simple and elebant orb emits glowing pure colour and responds to hand movements to change mode. And yes, I did need a ‘how-to-session’ from the inventor himself. The Sensosphere offers technology with four specifically-programmed therapeutic modes for mind and body. Who doesn’t need greater feelings of serenity, positivity and wellness?


The Sensosphere

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