The sky at night …

… is not what it used to be. Long ago, that is. Long before our cities became flood-lit, neon-light hubs of brightness. The term ‘light pollution’ might be new to some, but there has been increasing media about this lately which you may have seen. In fact, two items popped into my Facebook feed just


One of the meanings of apotheosis is ‘to make divine’, and this video production does just that: reflecting the divine beauty of the Northern Lights. Henry Jun Wah Lee from Evosia Studios has created a superb film of this natural wonder that few are fortunate enough to experience in person. The choice of music by Ludovico Einaudi

Home & Away

This week has been transitional – crossing time zones and hemispheres as I make my way home. Although, the idea of ‘home’ is no longer easy to define. Is it where I currently reside? Which is not where I grew up or where I’m ‘from’. Is it where I feel ‘AT home’. That is, comfortable in

(still) colour, light & energy

When this blog was created last year, it was intended to be be a place to share information and insights into the way colour, light and energy affect our lives. The focus was on health and well-being, and the various therapies using light and colour to enhance the mind-body-spirit connections. Here is the original version of its purpose. While few posts have