Are you colouring, too?

I always used to say that ‘colouring-in’ would be my occupation of choice. Actually, I still say it. The process of shading and colouring is a meditative process. The product is beautifully satisfying. And sometimes beautiful. (Now WHY did I NOT become an artist??) Anyway, the trend for colouring books grows. For grown-ups as well as


One of the meanings of apotheosis is ‘to make divine’, and this video production does just that: reflecting the divine beauty of the Northern Lights. Henry Jun Wah Lee from Evosia Studios has created a superb film of this natural wonder that few are fortunate enough to experience in person. The choice of music by Ludovico Einaudi

Rainbow = ROYGBIV

I still remember learning ROYGBIV in primary school to learn the colours of the rainbow. Did you do the same? Here are lots more fun facts from NPR about ALL the colours of the RAINBOW. Maybe you already know some – but maybe not others!