Feeling the energy

My journey toward things ‘energy-related’ has ebbed and flowed over the years. Numerous encounters with Qigong, for example, in various places and with a variety of practitioners, has seen me toy with its concepts without committing to its practice. Experiencing the movements – the physical and ‘energetic’ – has always resonated with me. I feel at

I’m fine. How are you?

“Fine” is nearly always our default response to “How are you?” It saves us thinking of a real reply, or maybe even thinking about how we actually do feel. So, it may mean “OK”, “not OK” or may mean nothing at all. For me, ‘feeling fine’ is relative. I’m pretty good most of the time – compared

Home & Away

This week has been transitional – crossing time zones and hemispheres as I make my way home. Although, the idea of ‘home’ is no longer easy to define. Is it where I currently reside? Which is not where I grew up or where I’m ‘from’. Is it where I feel ‘AT home’. That is, comfortable in